Meet Matthew Bishop 

Matthew Bishop began his Sarasota County career in Public Works with the Stormwater division. He steadily worked his way up before transitioning to the Field Services team as an Equipment Operator III. Through his work, Matthew transforms the very landscape of our community. His team maintains 2,800 acres of grass and landscaping in more than 300 medians along county roadways.

Trimming trees, mowing grass and edging the sidewalks seems like a simple operation on the surface. When you take a closer look, you’ll find that his team is meticulous and efficient with their work. Every team member works together seamlessly to maintain miles of roadway. Like a well-oiled machine, everyone knows their role and works together to create clean, well-kept spaces that enhance the quality of life for everyone.

Matthew also performs small-engine repairs, safety checks and routine maintenance on department equipment. His expertise in operating and maintaining this equipment is crucial for the upkeep of the county’s green spaces. His work ensures these areas are not only safe and tidy, but also inviting for the community to enjoy.

“I enjoy making Sarasota County beautiful and ensuring our roadways are safe for our community. It’s a great feeling when our work is recognized and appreciated by the community” says Matthew.

During emergency weather events, Matthew and his team play a vital role by clearing roadways for other first responders, ensuring they can reach those in need without delay. This critical work highlights their dedication to the safety of our community.

Next time you see our county mowing crew, give them a honk or a wave and let them know you appreciate their hard work maintaining our community's natural beauty.

Did you know?

Public Works employees are classed as first responders. While police, fire, and EMS are often the three most recognized first responders, public works is also often silently there—providing vital support to emergency response partners, helping protect essential services, and restoring those services following an emergency.

Watch Matthew using the county's all-electric mowing equipment